Amazon Seller Glossary of Acronyms

There are many acronyms that get thrown around when selling on Amazon. Acronyms allow you to discuss certain topics with fewer words or effort. However, it can often lead to confusion about what these acronyms mean. Here are some of the top acronyms for third party sellers on Amazon:

Example of a UPC code

Example of a UPC code

ASIN - Amazon Standard Identification Number

This is the unique 10-digit code assigned to each product that is sold on Amazon. 

BMVD - Book, Movie, Video & DVD

This is a category of items sold on Amazon. This category is the first category Amazon started selling. This category has slightly different rules than all other categories.

EAN - European Article Number

EAN is the 13-digit code that is given to retail products on the outer packaging below the bar code

FBA - Fulfilled by Amazon

This is the service provided by Amazon that handles the entire shipping process. The seller pays a fee and ships their inventory to Amazon Warehouses. When an order is placed, an Amazon associate picks and packs the product and ships the item to the buyer.

FBM - Fulfilled by Merchant

This is when the Amazon seller is in control of the entire handling and shipping of the product.

FNSKU - Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit

This unique identifier is how Amazon identifies a product as unique to the seller who has sent it to the Amazon fulfillment center. This barcode is printed on the product labels.

GTIN - Global Trade Item Number

This is the umbrella term that includes UPC, EAN, and ISBN numbers. It identifies every product.

ISBN - International Standard Book Number

Every published book is assigned an ISBN number. It uniquely identifies the book.

MAP - Minimum Advertised Price

This is a policy outlined by a supplier that prevents a seller from advertising prices below a specified price.

MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

This is the price that the manufacturer recommends the retailer sell the product. It is not a rule or a policy it is just a suggestion for the retailers.

SKU - Stock Keeping Unit

This is a number and letter combination that is used to identify items in a company's inventory. Companies use SKUs to manage inventory effectively in a computerized system rather than keeping track of products based on other terms or longer names.

UPC - Universal Product Code

UPC is a 12-digit scannable bar code that is used to track retail items. IT is located below the bar code on the packaging of an item. The barcode is the scannable number of the UPC.

I hope this glossary of Amazon Seller Acronyms provide you with a better understanding of the language of being an Amazon Seller. If you have any other questions about Acronyms, Amazon terms, or anything else. Please reach out to