I first came across Will with his website FBA Expert. I initially thought he was just another one of those guys claiming to have a system that will make you a fortune on Amazon. I then listened to a couple of webinars where Will was interviewed and his direct manner was a breath of fresh air. His advice liberated me from the grind of `analysing` products based on what is ultimately inaccurate data and half guesses. A great no-nonsense approach. Keep doing what you're doing Will! Cheers, Jason

I have listened in on several of Will's webinars. I can't believe he gives away so much free content for free! All of the answers to his questions are very easy to understand and I feel very motivated to take action in my Amazon business. His blog is fantastic as well. I love how his articles are short and digestible. He is the real deal because he is selling on Amazon himself, not just writing about it. -Jennifer DePaoli

Mr. Thompson is VERY experienced in e-Commerce and highly intelligent all around. He is an invaluable asset to anyone wanting quick answers to their sales or marketing conundrums! Highly recommended consultant/expert.

Knowledge, Experience, Character, Ability and Willingness to Help.. I don't know of anyone that scores higher in ANY of these areas in my opinion than Will Tjernlund.  If the interests of the Internet Marketing industry needed an Ambassador to represent us, Will Tjernlund would be the perfect choice. -John Tighe

It's not every day one comes across a successful businessman who's so willing to help his fellow Amazon sellers. Will's straightforward approach and clear communication has been incredibly helpful. More importantly, I trust him. -Joey Rudisill

Great to work with & easy to understand. Helped with additional notes post conversation. I would recommend a call with Reed if you are new to utilizing outsourced materials to create your product.

During the hour session we had you absolutely helped me get my mind wrapped around our Amazon account. Although I run so many programs I am slowly doing the work and getting my SKUs up. When i told you the scope of things you said, "Well if you can do all the work and get these things we discussed going you should have a great 2016." That actually put it in perspective for me and believe it or not took a lot of pressure off me. The reason this statement really helped is because: we always think we can do more than we have the realistic time to, to complete projects & tasks. When you multi-task so much in the growing phases of your business, you always get pulled off projects. So in reality, the long term goal should be pretty much done in Q4 and have the latter of '15 and the beginning of 2016 to start filling its lungs. Its doing pretty good now and 0 advertising.

Will's information and take on Amazon is fresh and legit! If you are looking for the same re-hashed amazon make money programs that you can find anywhere then don't bother listening to Will.  If you want a proven way to grow an Amazon business you need to listen to what Will has to say. Thanks again! -Aaron Almus

Will is truly an Amazon mastermind, has shown me a completely different sales strategy that is different from most of the other trainings out on the web and has long term viability for success. He knows what he is talking about and has the accolades to prove it. -Sean Stewart

I first came across Will T on a podcast and was immediately struck by his enthusiasm and unaffected manner. He has such a wealth of knowledge and success gained in a very short period of time. Will's generosity with his time, knowledge and expertise knows no bounds.  He is one of the few people in this increasingly busy space that I would always take time to listen to and seek his opinion from. Thanks Will for all you have done and continue to do. -Lianne Walker

You rock!!!  I am a newbie to this Amazon game and your advice has helped me to understand the inner workings of Amazon and Amazon FBA.  I am still learning, but plan to pay for your mentorship which I believe is invaluable.  I am glad to get advice from not only someone so successful as you are but someone who is so down to earth and relatable.  Don't pay for advice from these so called "gurus" who are just learning and making more money off selling information to the masses.  It seems everyone who makes a sale on Amazon declares themselves a guru and have no proven track record.  Get your advice from someone who has a proven track record and really enjoys helping people.  I would recommend Will over anyone else.  That is a fact!!! :):):) -Angela Y.

Will, you have been very generous with your time. I am amazed by how much free advice you have offered. Your system has helped me focus on a streamline way to find products. Thanks again. -Stuart Hindemit

Will tells it like it is. And he doesn't cover it with chocolate and cashews. Nope, he gives it to you straight, as he sees it, and without any apologies for his 'unconventional' views. But, it's his straight-from-the-hip, Midwestern sincerity and helpfulness that tells me he's not BS'ing. Solid as Sears and straight as MacGyver.

In every encounter I've had with Will over the past year I have found him to be extremely generous with his advice and he draws on his experience with all aspects related to selling product on Amazon. Will's depth of knowledge is expert status without question, I have never heard a legitimate Amazon question asked that hasn't been answered by Will in-depth and backed up with experience or an example. -Dani Young

Packed full of great information and clarity! He answered all of my questions and gave me extra great advice about selling online. Knows everything about the Amazon selling and fulfillment process. Setup a call with Andrew If you are thinking about selling anything online. Great energy, speaks fast, clearly, and straight to the point, making each minute well worth the cost.

Will takes a no-nonsense no frills approach when it comes to selling on Amazon, and he shares that approach willingly with others. He's a great wealth of information. Having previously grown an Amazon empire that required he work more than he wanted, he's now doing what many desire and starting from scratch to grow a location independent Amazon FBA business. His knowledge of what to outsource and when to do it will help him to succeed at this in no time. As he's growing his new Amazon business, he shares what works for him and what doesn't. He's quick to cut to right to the important points of the business and doesn't get too caught up in the 80% of things that don't really contribute in a meaningful way to the bottom line. Will's focus on taking the right actions keeps all of us who listen continually moving in the right direction instead of getting too caught up in frivolous details.

Personally, Will has inspired me to continually test new products. He advises how to do this using the AliExpress platform. His testing methods allow for rapid evaluation of products so that I can focus only on the products that will bring in the Benjamins. It's extremely refreshing to learn from someone who's been deep in the trenches with a very large Amazon business. Will has a real authority in this space, and I'm so happy that he's sharing his knowledge with us. I've learned a lot from him and his FBA Mastermind already, and I know I'll continue to learn more as time progresses.Andrew is a master of everything Amazon. Super in depth knowledge of the Amazon FBA platform and how to create a sustainable, profitable business.

Seriously, thanks for all of your great videos and for creating the mastermind, Will! Hearing from you has shown me that growing the business is just a matter of putting the right systems in place to find profitable products. Your advice really takes a lot of the guesswork and downside risk out of the whole thing. It's also very refreshing to hear someone preaching a message that leads one away from the herd. Not that I ever sold BBQ brushes, because I knew that it didn't make any sense to fight so much competition, but it's been refreshing to learn just how much revenue one can generate through serving the deep niches of Amazon. -Braden